Alix Duchêne | Editor

You wouldn't think one of the toughest members of the crew would be an editor, but alix's no nonsense approach on the set is as helpful to the production as it is frightening to the crew. 

Born in Brazil, raised in the States, with strong French heritage—Alix is multilingual, multicultural, and adept at engaging people from all walks of life. 

After finishing school in Paris, Alix quickly became proficient in the tools of her trade, mastering powerful editing software like Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro

Her comprehensive portfolio in combination with her own worldly experiences, has given her the confidence to tackle any task head on. Her creativity is equally matched by her ability to read people and cater to the needs of the director and her clientele.

Always thinking of the final product (as a fantastic editor does), Alix is truly an asset on any production.