Bare Bones Broth

Bare Bones was founded by three close-knit and workaholic friends in San Diego. Their goal was to make life easier for people everywhere who value food as fuel and medicine—to drink, cook and eat their way to optimal health. With a shared dream of making real and nourishing bone broths accessible, Bare Bones quickly went from an idea to a rapidly growing supplier of real bone broth.

The Moo Crew worked with the founders of Bare Bones before, and when we heard about their broth and cookbook—we had to try it for ourselves.

There was a ton of buzz around their nutritious product and their dedication to humane and environmentally friendly practices was especially impressive. 

So we ordered the cookbook and some broth, and grabbed our camera gear. We didn’t think it would hurt to eat healthier by whipping up some of the delicious bone broth recipes. The results has been some fun bone broth recipes, and a relationship that is growing into a true branding partnership.

Directed by: Dan Zelikman

Produced by: Kim Zelikman, David Brooks, Michael S. Mauger, Anna Zelikman