Hey NYC (Area), Let's Make a Movie In 72 Hours

Too long, didn't read?

We're making a short film in less than three days from November 11th - 14th and we're looking for actresses, actors, directors of photography, sound experts, producers, and anyone else who has always wanted to make a film (expertise is not required, but a fun and open positive attitude is—and bring candy).  



Returning for our fourth year in a row—Moostache Films is entering the Four Points Film Project International Film Festival 2016. It's a festival where over a hundred film teams around the world are tasked to make a film in less than three days and are given a genre, a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue to include in their final version. The winning film is screened at Cannes (yup, that one) in their short film corner, as well as at Filmapalooza, a short film festival based in the US. 

You can click on any of our last three films below to see a bit more about the process. Check out Side Swiped, we scored a Best Romance win from the judges in 2015!


The Moo Crew at Moostache Films has made it an annual tradition to get a team of crazy people together and make a film from start to finish in less than three days. That's 72 hours, and whole bunch of minutes and seconds but I'm horrible at geometry. 

It's a fantastic time, but it's also exhausting, frustrating, unpredictable, and extremely challenging. If that doesn't sound like your particular brand of vodka, no worries. But if you're in, just go in with an open mind and do your best to add value—that's all we ask. Every year we have a blast and meet all kinds of awesome people who now we're stoked to call friends.

Cotton-headed ninny muggins need not apply. 


We'll be headquartered at a cabin near Lake Wallenpaupack which is about two hours away from NYC. If you are in the area and you're interested, please sign-up below. If you're worried about transportation don't let that stop you. We have cars and will figure out the best place to pick you up to get you here.


We're truly looking for all skill-sets and interests, but primarily we're looking for people who want to be in front of the camera (you have to act too, you can't just stand there, sorry). We're set on the writing team, but are open to all other interested areas. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-paying gig and everyone is a volunteer, but all festival fees and food will be taken care of by Moostache Films. You will get an IMDB credit, and any other credits or accolades that the film may collect (no guarantees though). 


Please sign-up here and give us as much information as you can to help us choose team members. That's headshots, reels, links to your work on YouTube/Vimeo—whatever. We don't have a script so we'll be picking folks based on their experience, talent, and level of interest. We're looking for producers, grips, lighting experts, sound folks, set designers, and wardrobe experts—anything that a film might need to be better.

Our goal is to have a great group of people who will work well together, but also to have a nice mix of options so that when we're creating characters we have a pool of actors to choose from to fit those roles. We have limited space so please do not take it personally or be upset if you don't hear from us. We're limited on time and space—otherwise we'd want to make a movie with all of you! 


Step One: 
Sign-up here.  (You have to be available both Saturday and Sunday all day and all night, shooting can go late! Monday is for editing so you can go back to work, you'll be exhausted, but you'll be there—drooling on your keyboard). 

Step Two:
We reach out to you to figure out specifics of your interest, experience, and how you can get to the cabin.

Step Three:
We film Saturday and Sunday the 12th and the 13th, with emergency pick-ups on Monday the 14th—and we submit the film by midnight on Monday. Tuesday we sleep for three days straight. 

That's it! If you're interested and you're okay with a crazy weekend of meeting fantastic people who all want to make a movie together, sign-up! If you think this is dumb, it totally is. Do not sign up, and lose our number—jerks.

Thanks cinephiles, we hope to meet you and make movies together!

Moo Crew out.