Got 72 Hours? Let’s Make a Movie NYC

Written by Dan Zelikman

Let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up.” — Inigo Montoya (The Princess Bride)

For you tl;dr (too long, didn’t read) folks, we’re making a short movie over a weekend and we want you to be a part of it!

During the weekend of October 25th and 26th, Moostache Films will attempt to write, shoot, and submit a seven-minute movie into an international film festival. This particular film festival, called the Four Points Film Project (aimed to target crazies like us who think they can pull this off), will send us a film genre at 7 p.m on Friday night (10/24) to kick off the festivities.

Then, along with our genre (comedy, western, horror, etc.), they will give us a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue that we will have to include in our film in order to qualify for competition. Then — the insanity begins.

We write.

We drink coffee.

We re-write.

We drink coffee.

We write some more, and eventually — we have something that resembles a screenplay for our short film.

Then we shoot it.

We edit it.

We submit it.

Then, we sleep for three straight days.

Believe it or not, this is not our first attempt at this sort of insanity (you would think we would learn from our previous mistakes).

Here’s our trailer from last year, about a middle-aged Dad who signs-up for a mixed martial arts fight that he’s in no way prepared for. We did this one in three days.

The year before that, we made a mob movie about a hit man with a knack for cleaning up other people’s messes. We did this one in two days.

You can see more of our work here, or some of our photos from our current film project, a documentary on one of the best sleep-away summer camps in the country — here.

See, we pretty much know (read have no clue) what we’re doing.

We Need You

We have a fantastic team of writers, producers, and actors — but we’ll definitely need more help. We’re not necessarily looking for writers, producers or actors though, just good folks.

We’re looking for fun, happy, hard-working people, who love movies and think the idea of making one over the weekend sounds like fun. It will be a little hectic, and a little crazy, but we always make sure to have a lot of fun too.

Seriously though — if you get overwhelmed easily, or can’t handle chaos, or last-minute changes, this type of weekend probably isn’t for you.

Cotton-headed ninny-muggins need not apply.

We’ll need everything — actors of all shapes, sizes, and ages — make-up people, costume people, set people, extras, production teams — you name it.

So, if this sort of fantastic creative insanity is attractive to you, and (this is a biggie) you’re free on both Saturday, October 25th and Sunday, October 26th — then sign-up!

Where Do I Sign-up?

First, we’re not paying anyone for this (but it doesn’t cost you anything either). Sorry, we’re broke from going to summer camp and are only doing this for fun. You will get all kinds of credits (IMDB) and content to showcase your work though!

Not to mention, the winning films will be screened at The Filmapalooza Film Festival 2015 in Los Angeles, and the best film — will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner. Yeah, that Cannes.

Second, we really need you to be available both days if you’d like to act.We only have two days to make this movie, so we need our actors to be available. If you’d like to do anything else, please be ready to commit the whole day (and it may be a long day and night).

Finally, YOU CAN SIGN-UP HERE. Thanks so much for your interest!

We’ll do our very best to consider everyone, but please don’t be mad at us if you don’t hear from us. We promise, it’s not personal — it’s just a really busy weekend!

We print everyone’s head shot the night we begin writing the film, and we do our best to create characters based on what you look like, and what we know about your previous acting experience. So please make sure to add those links in the sign-up form.

Okay, that should cover most of it. If you want to check out some older posts of what all this craziness looked like last year, check out The Big Calzone.

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You’re beautiful.