Let’s Make a Movie This Weekend San Diego

We’ll have 77 hours to do it, you in?

From the team that brought you The Janitor in less than forty-eight hours, comes the critically acclaimed film—that hasn’t been written yet. But trust me, it’s going to be Oscar-worthy.

Dude, there’s no way you’re filming a movie in 77 hours.

First of all, dude—this isn’t our first rodeo. We’re reuniting the same team that wrote, shot, and submitted a film for San Diego’s 48 Hour Film Project back in July. We’re pretty much Ben Affleck and Matt Damon combined, but we look like Jennifer Lopez.

The team consists of David BrooksChris CantoreJames Gregg, and Dan Zelikman—trust us, we’re handsome as hell.

Here’s what we know.

  1. Starting on November 1, 2013, at 7:00 p.m PST, we’ll have 77 hours to write, film, edit, and submit our film to the National Film Challenge website.
  2. We’ll need people like you to help out. Folks who think acting in a movie sounds fun (but don’t necessarily have to call themselves actors). We’ll also need extras, and people who can help with a camera, or audio, or simply be an extra pair of hands to help with production.
  3. It’ll be really fun—a little hectic (okay, really hectic), but really fun.
  4. This isn’t about winning (hell yes it is), but we do have the opportunity to be selected to screen in a number of film festivals, including Cannes (but we’ll have to learn to pronounce it properly if we do win).

Here’s what we don’t know.

  1. We don’t know the genre of the film we’ll be making. It could be comedy, western, romance, or musical—but we’ll find out promptly on Friday night. And then the frantic storytelling will begin, along with some moderate to heavy drinking (we hear it helps with the creative process).
  2. We don’t know what three elements will be required in our film, but we think it will probably be a line of dialogue, a character name, and a prop.
You can find the full list of rules here.

Where do you sign up?

Here’s the story (of a lovely lady), we’re looking for people who want to have fun, and make a movie with us this weekend—in that order. In the end, we’re doing this because we love storytelling, and we love movies.

Cranky, cotton-headed ninny muggin-types need not apply.

We really need actors and extras, but we can also use production people who are good with things like costumes, make-up, set design, or just getting shit done. Joining up won’t cost you anything, but unfortunately we can’t pay you either. You’ll get credited in the movie, and hopefully have a ridiculously fun weekend that you won’t stop tweeting about.

You’ll need to have this Saturday and/or Sunday open (November 2nd and 3rd), and you’ll have to be okay with knowing fairly last minute on whether or not we can use you. All shooting will be in the San Diego area, but specific locations are TBD. Remember, we start writing this thing at 7 p.m Friday night, and start shooting it the next morning at 8 a.m.

There is a limit to how many people we can use, so it’ll be a first-come, first-in basis. Anyone who applies that we can’t use, will be added to our team directory for future projects.

So, if you’re interested (awesome):

  1. Send an email to dan(at)mentalpez.com with your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER, WHERE YOU’D LIKE TO HELP (acting, extra, camera, audio, editing, makeup, costumes, production) and the DAYS AND TIMES YOU’RE AVAILABLE ON 11/2 and 11/3. Please be certain you’re available during the times you say, as we’ll be making casting decisions based on availability.
  2. If you’re interested in acting or being an extra, please send two photos as well. One close-up of your face, and one general full-body photo. These don’t have to be professional head shots, just something to give us a sense of what you look like.
  3. We’ll do our best to answer questions and send out updates when we can, but please be patient with us as these projects do get hectic. I’ll be making general updates here, starting this Friday, but basically if you’re in, we’ll email or call you.

Thanks everyone, this should be really fun.