dan zelikman | founder + Director

Before there was Moostache, there was an idiot who thought it was a great idea to put a mustache on a cow and call it a film company.

That idiot, is this man. This man Dan.

Dan lives by the four main foundations of life—marriage, movies, milk, and cookies. Which is why it wasn't a surprise to Dan's closest family and friends when he announced that he wanted to start a film company and use a milk bottle as its logo. He even went as far as using the company as a reason to grow his facial hair, which his wife still puts up with to this day.

Before movies, Dan helped brands tell stories. With clients like Marriott, Microsoft, Sprint, Farmers Insurance, Hilton, and Hawaiian Airlines—Dan was recognized by Forbes and Mashable for his work in digital and social marketing.

Just like the milk campaigns of the 90’s, Dan truly does do a story good.