This was our first attempt at launching something on Kickstarter—lucky for us it was a successfully funded ($43,000 raised), badass skateboard company that specializes in beautiful hand-made boards crafted from only the highest quality materials. 

This Kickstarter project was a collaboration between Daniel Young, Mark, Mario, and Tiffany Quezada, and Dan Zelikman. Crowd-funding productions require everyone to wear a variety of hats, so that's precisely what we all did. Lucky for us our team was made up of a number of creatives, along with some business minded folks to keep things moving forward.

High quality skateboards would be a challenge to present as entry-level Kickstarter rewards due to their price, so the team came up with a few more affordable incentives to present to potential backers. The most popular of these options was the the Koa wood iPhone case. Following that were custom journal covers and keychains. We were pleasantly surprised by how these entry level items sold—but we were equally thrilled at how they also attracted interest towards the boards themselves. 

We hosted a launch party at John Garcia's coworking space to spread the word and collect a foundation of backers. At the party we presented Daniel’s Kickstarter page, video pitch, and unveiled all the custom rewards available to supporters. The event was a success. We raised $5,000 in a matter of hours, 15% of our overall goal.

In the end, we raised $43,000 for Daniel—$8,000 more than our goal of the $35,000 needed for a laser engraver that would help him take the company to the next level.

Check out the thriving company that is Daniel Young Skateboards for yourself. 

Director: Mark Quezada

Producers: Mario Quezada, Tiffany Quezada, Daniel Young, Dan Zelikman, John Garcia