We were only half joking when we say that we'll work for food.

With our Executive Producer, Kim (pictured to the right), being a Food Network fanatic with a degree in hospitality management, we knew we had to branch out into the food industry. Good thing for us Kim was a seasoned foodie with a couple of launched food trucks under her belt, and not to mention years and years in the restaurant business.  

If you're in the food product or service industry and want to get your story, recipe, or brand out to more people—just give us a call.

We'd love to have you have us for dinner

Bare Bones is a partnership that was born from a true love for their product. Moo Crew Executive Producer Kim Zelikman traded in her daily dose of coffee for bone broth instead, and has sworn by it ever since. Claiming her stomach has never felt so good, she also did a private taste test of her favorite bone broth versus all the main competitors and Bare Bones won outright (which is why we're proud to call them a partner and our friends). 

Indian Head Camp is a summer camp that feeds almost 1,000 people every single day. With all that volume, we were curious about the strategy that somehow convinces that many kids to eat their vegetables. 

Stuffed! was born when Dan and Kim's roommate from college, Alex Gould, moved to California and decided to launch a food truck with his wife Tori. Kim joined the team and we're proud to announce that Stuffed! has been thriving ever since. You can find them at The Green Flash brewery as well as Liberty Public Market in San Diego, and they have a number of new restaurants in development. 

Not your typical food story, but the 1to1movement's mobile food farm is definitely going to change the way people talk about their food in San Diego. This non-profit is finishing up their conversion of a double decker bus into a fully function mobile food farm and greenhouse. It will be driving up and down the coast of California to teach kids about growing and eating their own real food. 

We were huge fans of High Water Brewing's most popular beer Campfire Stout, but we felt their label just didn't do their delicious beer justice. So we did what any self respecting craft beer lover would do—we drank their beer and with some liquid courage we tweeted them and told them they should let us fix it. Surprisingly, they responded and agreed to let us do it. Check it out here