Even though it is a world renowned brand, Hawaiian Airlines does not rest on its laurels. They are continuously looking for new and interesting ways to educate their customers to the hidden gems of the 50th state. This mindset led to the creation of Hawaiian Skies, a content channel that allows the company to share original and unique stories about the state of Hawaii with their passengers.

One of these unique stories featured rock climbing and bouldering. Bouldering is a popular sport on the mainland, and it is slowly starting to grab a foothold (pun intended) on the islands.

Berad Studios lead the production and asked some friends (who also happened to be climbers) to join the team. This included Justin Ridgely of Volcanic Rock Gym, David Chatsuthiphan from Unreal Hawaii, and Dan Zelikman of Moostache Films.

The end result was a twelve minute short that shared insight on the state of the sport in Hawaii along with discussion on why people are so passionate about rock climbing and bouldering.

Director: Brad Watanabe

Producers: Justin Ridgely, David Chatsuthiphan, Dan Zelikman