Highwater Brewing

This is a fun and random story. The Moo Crew are huge fans of High Water Brewing's most popular beer, Campfire Stout. Honestly it's one of the best stout beers we've ever tasted. Designed to be reminiscent of your favorite campfire snack, the s'more, Campfire Stout has notes of chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow—it's ridiculously good.

A beer with so much deliciousness contained in one bottle needs an equally fantastic label, but we felt the one at that time fell a little short. One evening, having consumed a few Campfire Stouts and full of liquid confidence, we tweeted at High Water Brewing.

Almost a year later, High Water responded and wanted to hear our ideas. Other than being stoked at the notion of potentially having an influence on our favorite beer's redesign, we were also pumped to work with WaveTrain Intermedia again after collaborating with them on the Indian Head Camp project.

We thought it best to present a variety of looks, and we decided on three different directions. Something modern yet relatable, something minimalistic and obscure, and something warm and fuzzy. It was important to have three different creative directions because it would allow the client to select a design that really honed in on what they thought the essence of Campfire Stout was. 

Our favorite was the bear roasting marshmallows, and it turned out to be the client’s as well. It was a proud moment for the Moo Crew to have created a design that captured all the fine qualities of Campfire Stout.

Ask for High Water Brewing's Campfire Stout at your friendly craft beer establishment and enjoy. You can thank us later.

Initial Concept Art

Creative Director: Valentino Valdez

Producers: Niel Stender, Dan Zelikman