One of our proudest partnerships is with Indian Head Camp, a summer camp located in The Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. Indian Head has been providing summers to more than 600 children every year since 1940. No technology is allowed at camp so campers enjoy sports, arts, aquatics, and outdoor adventure without computers, phones, or the internet for seven straight weeks.

During college, Moostache founder Dan Zelikman was an outdoor adventure counselor for two summers and became close friends with the leadership team during that time. Soon after Moostache was founded, Indian Head inquired about refreshing the camp brand.

That initial inquiry lead to a full branding overhaul that included:

  • Redesigning the 70+ year old Indian Head logo and all their print materials

  • A 65 minute award-winning documentary film

  • A comprehensive website redesign that lead to four American Advertising Awards, and increases in all KPI performance metrics

  • 12 short films featuring different aspects of the camp

  • Upgraded photography and visual design

  • An interactive map and tour of camp

The goal of the rebranding was to showcase the camp’s great story by documenting all the people involved with Indian Head. The parents, campers, different programs, and even the catering team had interesting and wonderful tales to tell.  Featuring these stories was a great way to spread the camp’s message without making it seem overly scripted or commercial.

The Moo Crew spent seven weeks filming all aspects of a camp in full swing. This footage was primarily used for the feature documentary “Camp.” The film was named “Best Documentary” at the 2015 San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival and is also sent to families interested in learning more about Indian Head.

The website was designed with the same strategy in mind. By featuring the different age groups and programs via the short films and new photography, the site fully showcases the camp experience to the end user.

The updated site was awarded three American Advertising Awards for "Best User Experience", "Best Navigation", and "Best Responsive Design". Three months after launch, Indian Head Camp is reporting averages of 40-60% increases in their key performance indicators year over year.

The analytics and the awards make us smile, but more than anything the positive feedback regarding the entire rebranding is what makes us the most happy.

Moostache continues to work with Indian Head to this day, by optimizing their branding and marketing efforts, creating new short stories, and assisting their efforts in expanding their social good efforts with projects like Merritt 360 and Project Morry

Director: Dan Zelikman

Creative Director: Valentino Valdez

Website Development & Design: WalltoWall Studios

Producers: Dan Zelikman, Rufus Lusk, Miguel Drake-McLaughlin, Jane Nguyen, Kolin Pope, Niel Stender, Matt Semel, Leon Leybs, Michael S. Mauger