[Nominee] Audience Choice award - four points film project 2016

A celebration in a cabin in the woods with friends turns quickly into a cat and mouse game of who's playing a prank on who?

Poster art by Valentino Valdez

Poster art by Valentino Valdez


LAKEVILLE is a short, seven-minute suspense thriller that we wrote, produced, edited, and submitted into the 2016 Four Points Film Project Film Festival—all in less than 72 hours. 

The Four Points Film Project has turned into a bit of a tradition (perhaps an obsession), and for this one we were already gathered in a cabin in the woods when we received our horror genre as an assignment. Naturally we couldn't have been happier, and for the next three days we developed the short film you see here that received an Audience Choice Nominee selection, out of the more than 200 films that were submitted that year.

Taking inspirations from Shutter Island and Seven, we wanted to maximize suspense and anticipation, without producing something we couldn't finish in less than three days. The result it what we hope audiences find to be as an entertaining little suspense-filled thriller that leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat—up to the very last second!

Huge thanks to all our crazy volunteers who participated in making this short film, fueled by our passion for filmmaking, scaring audiences, and lots and lots of coffee. Thanks for watching! If you liked Lakeville, check out our other scary shorts over at 60 Second Scares.