Taylor hay |  actress

The youngest member of the moo crew and clearly the one with the worst facial hair, taylor still might be the most ambitious of the bunch. as a full time actress, student, and philanthropist—taylor is redefining the term, "full-time". 

Known for her rolls in The Big Calzone and Backsplash, Taylor has been utilized for her comedic chops when working with The Moo Crew. Born in San Diego, Taylor Hay began acting at the age of four when she was cast in the first commercial she ever auditioned for. She was introduced to the industry by her mother, actress Debbie Britt-Hay,

She worked steadily building her body of work until she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of nine. She kicked cancer's ass, and kept on working—building an impressive body of work.  

Because of her illness, Taylor is an avid advocate of many non-profits including the Make A Wish Foundation, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Rady Children's Hospital, The Shoe Crew, A Place Called Home, and Hats Off For Cancer. She's vowed to help give back whenever she can to ensure these organizations can continue to help children stricken with cancer.