1to1 movement

Based in San Diego, California, the 1to1movement is a non-profit organization that exists to inspire and simplify sustainability in daily life. They accomplish this by helping people find their own way to save the world in two ways:

  • Introductory workshops and programs for people who are just starting to rock a sustainable lifestyle
  • Hands-on initiatives that support people in taking sustainability to the next level

In order to help spread the word, 1to1 had the crazy, but very awesome idea to turn a double decker bus into a mobile sustainability farm. They want to drive the bus, named STACKED, to schools all over California and teach kids about growing and eating their own healthy foods. With a first floor interactive center at the bottom and a greenhouse at the top, STACKED will be a fully functional field trip that goes to schools—instead of the other way around.

Moostache Films put together a crowdfunding video to help explain 1to1’s goal and since 1to1 is a non-profit, Moostache was proud to support the organization's efforts with in-kind donations. In return, our logo will be proudly displayed on the side of the bus along with the other supporters of the STACKED initiative.

In addition to STACKED, 1to1 also hosts a fantastic program called The Away Project which teaches students in California about being more efficient with their garbage. On the first day of the program students are given bags made of recycled materials for them to put all of their garbage in. At the end of the week they have the students dump all their accumulated garbage out so 1to1 can work with them on ways to improve their waste habits.

Moostache founder Dan Zelikman is a proud member of the 1to1 Board of Directors, and is currently their Chairman of Communications. 

Director/Producer: Dan Zelikman

Director of Photography: David Brooks

Producer: Michael S. Mauger